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Macrame Plant Hanger - Lynn

Macrame Plant Hanger - Lynn

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Meet Lynn - Your New Favorite Macrame Plant Buddy!

Hey Plant Pals! 🌿 Introducing "Lynn," our fab Macrame Plant Hanger that's about 32 inches of pure plant magic. Crafted with love from recycled cotton macrame cord and a sturdy wooden ring, Lynn isn't just a hanger – it's a vibe for your green gang.

What Makes Lynn Awesome:
Crafted with Heart: Lynn's all about that eco-friendly recycled cotton life. Handcrafted with love, each knot is like a little hug for your plants.

Not Too Big, Not Too Small:
At 32 inches, Lynn hits that sweet spot between 'look at me' and 'cozy corner chic.' Perfect for your indoor plant crew.

The Look and Feel:
Boho-Chic Vibes: Lynn's got that timeless boho charm. The recycled cotton adds a touch of rustic elegance to your space – like bringing nature inside.

Pick your fave from 20+ colors! Earthy vibes or poppin' hues – Lynn's got the whole rainbow for you to play with.

What Lynn Can Do:
Lynn's sweet spot? Pots from 4 to 6 inches. But hey, she's cool with whatever plant pals you wanna introduce her to.

Hang Anywhere:
Windows, corners, or center stage – Lynn's down for whatever. Your space, your rules.

TLC for Lynn:
Low-Key Maintenance:
Dust her off now and then or give her a little wipe – Lynn stays fab with minimal effort.

Ready to Roll?
Time to level up your plant game! Lynn's the perfect combo of style and function. Dive into our color options and give your green gang a boho-chic upgrade. Limited stock, so snag Lynn now!

Thanks for considering "Lynn" for your plant posse. Embrace the handmade macrame love and let's make your home a plant paradise. Happy planting! 🌈✨

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