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Handcrafted Macrame Keychain Wristlet | Square Knot Style

Handcrafted Macrame Keychain Wristlet | Square Knot Style

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Discover Exquisite Handcrafted Macrame Keychain Wristlets for Women

Crafted with Unmatched Artistry

Picture this: a unique fusion of beauty and functionality in every woven knot – that's our handcrafted macrame keychain wristlet for Women. It's not just a key holder; it's a statement piece meticulously woven by skilled artisans. It's the kind of accessory that's both stunning and super practical.

Elevate Your Style with Every Step

Why settle for an ordinary keychain when you can have a macrame wristlet that complements your every move? It's not just about holding your keys; it's a fashion-forward accessory that adds that 'wow' factor to your daily ensemble. A touch of bohemian chic for your everyday hustle.

Durable, Stylish, and Simply Stunning

Our keychain wristlet isn't just a pretty face – it's tough too! Made to endure and crafted for style, it's a fusion of durability and elegance. Imagine a stylish companion that holds your keys securely and does it all while making a fashion statement.


~7in. long

Zero waste recycled cotton cord
1" silver swivel lobster clasp & keychain ring (made from iron) hardware
NOTE: The colors may vary slightly due to photo lighting & editing.

Care Instructions
Spot clean with a damp cloth if needed
Do not exceed 11lbs of pressure on keychain clasp or you'll risk breaking it

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